Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Hicksville School Foundation (HSF)?

The Hicksville School Foundation is a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation that seeks and administers funds to support the Hicksville Exempted Village Schools, its students, and its staff.

Why was the HSF founded?

Before the HSF was founded, our school officials received several inquiries regarding the use of donated funds as a means to diversify and expand the sources of financial support for the schools. The possibility of forming a school foundation was examined by a number of interested individuals, and, in January of 1996, the HSF was legally incorporated by the state of Ohio. IRS certification as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation was granted in March of 1996.

What will the HSF do?

Generally, the HSF will promote educational excellence in the Hicksville schools, both academically and through the support of extra-curricular activities. The Foundation hopes to financially assist the schools in attracting and maintaining quality teachers, and to support specific projects for their professional development and the expansion of the educational opportunities of our students.

What will be the source of donations?

Donations will typically come from alumni, interested local citizens, and businesses in the area. They may take the form of cash gifts, property gifts, bequests from estates, and other such sources.

Who administers the HSF?

A nine+ member board of directors administers the Foundation. All directors volunteer their services to the Foundation, and have each committed to a generous cash donation to the HSF.

How are directors selected?

Directors are selected for their interests in assisting the foundation attain its goals, and for the diversity of experience they bring to the board. Three directors are elected to serve a three-year term each year at the Foundations annual meeting.

Why should I support the HSF?

Your support of the HSF will allow our schools to continue their fine current educational and extra curricular programs, and to make future efforts even better. The mission of the HSF is to provide funding for student and teacher development beyond the basic minimum standards established by law by enriching the curriculum of the schools, and encouraging and recognizing student and staff achievement.

Who can I talk to for further information?

Contact any board director, or fill out the online form for additional information. For immediate contact, email Eric Crall at ericcrall@defnet.com or Chad Yoder at cyoder6950@gmail.com.