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Mrs. Hoffman

Mrs. Hoffman, about 16 hours ago

Mrs. Zachrich’s Algebra I classes took over the library on Tuesday to participate in the Glow Games. Students solved systems of equations for the privilege of playing Jenga, ring toss, and bowling. To add to the challenge, the library was illuminated by only black lights and glow sticks. view image

Emily Rees

Emily Rees, about 16 hours ago

The Hicksville Science Club enjoyed a visit from Nature's Nursery today to learn about animal rehab. Members enjoyed seeing Bruce Wayne (brown bat), Lefty (Eastern Box Turtle), and Einstein (Eastern Screech Owl) Thank you to the Hicksville PTO for sponsoring this event! view image

Barron Neidhardt

Barron Neidhardt, 3 days ago

Weekly Update 17

Mrs. Gerken

Mrs. Gerken, 5 days ago

Eat it or wear it! view image

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