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Barron Neidhardt

Barron Neidhardt, about 21 hours ago

Weekly Update 12

Mrs. Gerken

Mrs. Gerken, 2 days ago

Congratulations to MAKAYLA and TIFFANY! Tiffany placed 32nd, and Makayla placed 44th at today’s STATE CROSS COUNTRY MEET! Way to go, ladies. We are so proud of you! Congrats to the girls and the coaches! view image

Amber Zachrich

Amber Zachrich, 2 days ago

Congratulations to Mrs. Zachrich’s “smart cookies” for the first quarter. They received an 85% or higher on their test. view image

Robin Chamberlain

Robin Chamberlain, 3 days ago

Here are our ACES shout-outs for this week: Mrs. Laney has the following shout-outs: *A shout-out to Brandon Hamilton for helping Mrs. Strubing while she was absent. Thanks for always having a smile and a positive attitude, Brandon. *A shout-out to Alli Steury for being such a great leader in yearbook class. Alli is very helpful to all her peers and helps keep the class running smoothly. She volunteers to help during her study hall to complete any tasks she sees that needs done. Thanks for being her right hand, Alli! *A shout-out to the JV Academic Team, who went undefeated in regular season play, and placed second in the Williams County League Tournament on Tuesday. Great job, Team! *A shout-out to Mrs. Hoffman! She is a great help for our students on a daily basis, and she is a great friend, as well. She is always there with a smile and does her very best to help in any way she can. Thanks for making research projects a much less stressful process! Mrs. Geiger would like to give a shout-out to Josiah Ankney for finding German Christmas cookies at the store and bringing them in to share with the class. Your thoughtfulness and generosity were much appreciated. Mrs. Geiger would also like to give a chocolatey thank you to Alpatha Coleman for bringing her snacks. :) Mrs. Blue would like to give a shout-out to Becca Foss for taking time out of her day to clean up the Supervised Study kitchen area. She washed the dirty dishes and wiped down the counters. We really appreciate that she loves to help out around the school!! Tina McCain and Eric Bassett would like to give a SHOUT-OUT to ALL individuals who helped tear down the Commons/Gym and for ALL who helped reset it. THANK YOU!!! Mr. Kohlmeier has the following shout-outs: *A shout-out to Mr. Slattery, Mr. Hunter and Mrs. Coffman for organizing two meaningful Veteran’s Day ceremonies today. A lot of extra hours go into planning an event like this and your hard work and extra hours on this project is appreciated. *A shout-out to all students involved in today’s assembly. You represented our school superbly. A special shout-out to the Aces Bands and Choirs for their work preparing and performing in appreciation of our veterans today. Mr. Hunter has the following shout-outs: *A shout-out to all of our student council members, band, choir, color guard and all of the students who helped in today’s assembly. Great job, Aces!!! *A shout-out to our Veterans for all of their service and sacrifice. We truly appreciate all that you do! *A shout-out to Brant Langham for the muffin the other morning. It was AMAZING. Thank you! Mr. Freese would like to give a shout-out to Lynae Poling for always being so helpful, and such a polite and caring student. All you do is much appreciated. Thanks!! Mrs. Liddell would like to give a huge shout-out to Tyler Nunez for helping her grade today! It helped more than you will ever know. Mrs. Karacson would like to give a shout-out to Mr. Olsen, Mr. Kohlmeier, and all of the band and choir members who played/sang at the Veteran’s Day Assembly. You all did a great job. Mrs. Leon would like to give a shout-out to Sophie Clark and Reagen Denning for brightening her morning by helping her get caught up on a project. Also, a shout-out to Hunter White for helping a student make a pie chart on the computer. Mrs. Gerken has the following shout-outs: *A shout-out to Tiffany Chiappetta and Makayla Sullivan. Good luck at the state cross country meet! We are very proud of you! *A shout-out to Mrs. Amber Zachrich for helping her on Tuesday when she had to stay home with a sick child. Thanks for running copies off for her sub. You’re the best! *A shout-out to her Drama 1 class for being amazing and putting so much effort into your upcoming “Masked Ball” mystery project. It’s going to be awesome! *A shout-out to everyone who planned and participated in the Veteran’s Day assembly today. Great work! Thank you to her class officers for serving as greeters and speakers. Mr. Gahagan has the following shout-outs: *A shout-out to Aubrey LaFave for using her Homebase time to hang up posters for the upcoming Poetry Out Loud competition. He appreciates you being so helpful! *A shout-out to Mrs. Hoffman for making the time to work with students who are being on their senior project research papers. Our students are so lucky to have you as their librarian and an extra source for help! *A shout-out to Makayla Sullivan and Tiffany Chiappetta for making it to the State CC Meet. We know that you’ll do great, and all of the Aces are rooting you on! Your hard work and diligence has paid off - enjoy yourselves. Great job this week ACES. Have a great weekend and keep making a difference.

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