Aces Athletic Complex

Community Access:

  1. Families that reside in and/or own property in the district, families whose children attend HEVS but live outside of the district, and graduates of Hicksville High School may purchase a membership for the use of the Hicksville Fieldhouse.  Members must be at least 18 years of age, a graduate and/or out of high school.  The adult member who purchased the membership must accompany current Hicksville students and/or children of members.  Children must be supervised at all times.

  2. Hicksville Schools has the right to deactivate the fobs of those members who violate the regulations and expectations of Hicksville Schools.


  1. Memberships are valid from August 1 to July 31 regardless of when they are purchased.  

  2. The cost of the membership will be a one time fee of $20.  An additional fob for a spouse may be purchased for $10.  Key fob replacement/damage - $10.00 replacement fee.  

  3. All members must sign a use agreement and release of liability form.

  4. All fobs will be deactivated on August 1st of each year.  Fobs will be reactivated once the annual membership form is completed online.

  5. Fobs are not to be shared outside of the adult members listed on the membership form.

  6. Members wishing to cancel or non-renew their membership are asked to return their fob(s) to the school.

  7. Security cameras are in constant use in the athletic complex.

Use of the Facility:

  1. The athletic facility will be available for member use based on availability. Please refer to the Athletic Complex Schedule on the school website.  

  2. Members will be allowed use of the track and basketball courts only.

  3. School activities take precedent over public use - refer to the school website.  

  4. Only clean tennis shoes are to be worn in the facility.  No spikes or cleats.

  5. Basketballs will be provided and shall be the only basketballs used in the facility.  Please return basketballs to the rack when finished.

  6. Equipment provided by the school is the only sports equipment that should be used.

  7. Report missing, broken, and misuse of equipment to the school by calling the director of operations at 419-542-8659 or

  8. Horseplay, unsafe activities, and offensive language are not permi6ed.

  9. Batting cages are not available to the public.

  10. Water only! Food & other drinks are NOT PERMITTED in the facility.

  11. Alcohol and tobacco ARE NOT PERMITTED.

  12. Locker rooms are not available for public use.

  13. NO PETS in the facility.

  14. To reserve/rent the facility, contact the director of operation at 419-542-8659 or

Click here for membership application.