Any one interested in becoming a Hicksville Elementary volunteer please read the guidelines below and e-mail the principal.


The staff at Hicksville Elementary is excited about your interest in volunteering to help in our classrooms. It’s an excellent example of the school and community working together to provide excellence for our children. To be as effective as possible for our classroom teachers and students, and to make this a worthwhile experience for you, we ask that volunteers follow these guidelines.

When arriving at the school for your scheduled volunteer time, please stop at the office, sign in, and take a “volunteer” pass with you. Turn in the pass and sign out upon leaving. Also, please log your hours each day so we can inform the state on the number of volunteer hours you are helping us provide for our students.

The classroom teacher is creating her lesson plans and activities with confidence that the volunteer will be there to work with a specific student or a small group of students. Please arrive a few minutes early to start at the designated time. If you will not be able to make it for your weekly or every-other week volunteer time, please call the school as soon as possible to notify the teacher. You may leave a message with the school secretary, who will forward it to the teacher.

Confidentiality is of utmost importance. If you are experiencing any difficulties with a child you are working with, please communicate this to the teacher. Discussions about children you might be working with and difficulties they might be experiencing should only take place with the teacher, never in public. All teachers have different teaching styles. We thank you for respecting the professionalism of our teachers and their training and experience in planning lessons. If you ever have a concern about something happening in the classroom, or if you are placed in a situation that makes you uncomfortable, please discuss this with principal in private.

Your time is very valuable to you, and to us! If you do not feel that your time and talents are being used effectively, or if you are uncomfortable with a volunteer activity that you are given, please don’t hesitate to talk to the classroom teacher for whom you are volunteering.