Middle school students smile as a group

HMS students continue to be Caught Being Essential. We are proud of the work they continue to do with our Hicksville Essentials: friendship, courage, excellence, and loyalty.

Mrs. Cunningham /Jacob Lawrence
When students were working with some technology, Jacob was tremendously engaged and did a
marvelous job at helping his classmates and making sure that they knew where they needed to go and helped them troubleshoot through some of the challenges. Thank you for taking the time and using your gifts to help our class and your peers, Jacob!

Mr. Gaghan/Daniel Benavides
Daniel has been doing an amazing job this week with his clay sculpture project. He has shown
professionalism, a high level of craftsmanship, and an understanding and application of techniques which has made his work exceptional. He has been working hard for every moment of class concentrating on his work to make it incredible. Fantastic work, Daniel!

Ms. Rees/Vanessa Molina
Vanessa has been quietly working hard to complete all of her state science review, even through absences. I am so proud of her effort to do well and her attendance at our weekly PRIPE sessions. She has such a kind personality and I enjoy having her in class so much!

Mr. Suffe/Jenna Cremar
Jenna has a positive attitude each and every day and she enjoys life to its fullest! Thanks for always having a great outlook on life, Jenna!

Mr. Klausivg/Amarv Silvers
Amaru does a great job at being the absolute best person he can be. He comes to school and works hard while always having a smile on his face. He participates in class and studies for my tests. Amaru has an overall great attitude! Keep it up, Amaru!

Mrs. Turnbull/Austin Caryer
When Austin had some extra time he worked really hard on his study island assignments for science. Austin did a great job and accepted help when it was offered. Proud of you Austin, keep up the great work!

Miss Niehaus/Jackson Hubbell
Jackson stayed in during home base one day and helped students complete assignments they were missing. He was very encouraging to these students, helped them read questions, and gave them hints and reminders without giving away answers. Great job, Jackson.

Miss Giddings/Catalina Vasquez
Caddy chose to work hard during the state math test this week. She utilized the tools given to her and she took her time to work out the problems. Caddy has also chosen to be the absolute best person she can be as she shows up dally to give her best effort. While I was testing, she continued to get her work done and used her time wisely. I appreciate your hard work, Caddy! Thank you for always giving your best effort!

Mrs. Sell/Monica Biller
We have been in the midst of state testing and every time I have pulled students Monica has been
encouraging and lifting them up, and I know the student walking out of the classroom felt just a little bit better with her encouragement. Keep up the hard work Monica! I am so proud of you!

Mr. Kosebrock/Trinity Campbell
Trinity is super fun to have in class. She is always actively participating and striving to do her best in everything she does. She is funny when it is time to be funny and she works hard when it is time to work hard. Awesome job, Trinity!

Mrs. Chamberlain/Xavier Emenhiser
Xavier stood outside for 15 minutes this morning, holding the door open for students as they entered the building. He even greeted them all with a big smile. Thanks for giving up some of your day to make other's day a little brighter. Great job, Xavier.

Mrs. Taylor/Mya Haggerty
Mya is always full of cheerfulness and enthusiasm! Often times in class, she is encouraging others and keeping things upbeat! Mya, thank you for encouraging, supporting, and lifting up your classmates. There are even days your smile does this for you teacher, too!

Mrs. Bostelman/Brooklyn Zeedyk
I appreciate how hard Brooklyn works every day. She is always getting her work done and does well on her tests and quizzes. Brooklyn is also very willing to help others in class too. Thank you, Brooklyn, for being awesome.

Mrs. Karacson/Karter Brummett
Karter shared with me his success of earning his required A.. points for the 4th nine weeks and earning the most A.R. points in a school year. Congratulations, Karter-1 am proud of you!

Mr. Tear/Dana Smith
Dana was absolutely the best she could be during testing week. She was focused, worked hard, and was extremely kind and polite during the process. Thank you, Dana, for being all around great this week