ACES Shout-Outs

We have a few shout-outs from last week. We appreciate everyone in our community and staff that does the little extra things to help our testing season go smoothly.

Mrs. Chamberlain has the following shout-outs:

*A shout-out to Mrs. Saunders for all of her work with our ELL students and especially for testing those students for our state tests. Your attention to detail and the accommodations they should have as English Language Learners is greatly appreciated. Thank you for continuing to go above and beyond for these students.

*A shout-out to Mrs. Julie Siebenaler for helping test one of our MS students this past few weeks. Your help is greatly appreciated and helped a great deal with making sure all of our students had the best possible environment to succeed. Thank you!

*A shout-out to Mr. Overmyer who does a great job helping us with MS testing. Your willingness to show up each day and take what is handed you for the day is GREATLY appreciated. You help our testing season go much smoother. Thank you!

Mrs. Wyman has the following shout-outs:
*A shout-out to Mrs.. Kelly VanHorn for prepping the seniors for their interviews on Friday morning.

*A shout-out to the Seniors who interviewed, they were dressed to impress and ready to answer questions.

*A shout-out to Mr. Ferrell and his presentation to our local businesses and how much their support means to us.

*A shout-out to Mr. Hylander for supporting new ideas and encouraging staff to make them happen.

*A shout-out to Mrs. Shock for going above and beyond to help out our high schools students.

*A shout-out to the follow businesses for coming into our school and interviewing our students: Two Bandits, Parker Hannefin, Keller, Mr. Countryman, Defiance Economic Development, Hicksville Bank, Jim Schmidt, Klepper Construction, and EnviroKure.

Let's have a great week ACES!!!