Finance Committee Meeting

May 14, 2018

The Hicksville Exempted Village Finance Committee met in Regular Session on Monday,

May 14 , 2018, at 6:00 p.m. in the Library.  The meeting was opened by Craig Eiden with the following members present:   Keith Countryman, Craig Eiden, Michal Mazur, John McCalla, Denny Vetter, Chad Yoder, Keith Countryman, and Melissa Tope.  Minda Jones was also present. 


The Committee discussed and asked of the following: 

Recommended increasing school lunches at least $0.20/meal starting in FY19.

Bus Fleet

  • Keith Countryman informed the Committee he had spoken with his members of his staff, along with representatives of Jim Schmidt Ford regarding the status of our fleet.
    • Eric Bassett and Jeff Haught recommended keeping bus #2 as a spare
    • Jake Thiel from Jim Schmidt Ford, recommended scrapping all three (3) as bus #2 has a major oil leak and buses #3 and #6 have major rust damage
  • Denny Vetter recommended utilizing Larry Mavis from Farmer for possible big diesel repairs.

 5-Year Forecast

  • The Committee went over the proposed 5-year forecast.
  • Recommended FY18 and FY19 reflect half the purchase price of three (3) buses each year (or $142,500)
  • FY20 would not include a bus, FY21 would, and FY22 would not.
  • Will take at least $50,000 from Permanent Improvement monies this fall (since we’re not purchasing textbooks) to pay for a portion of FY19’s bus payment.
  • Committee recommended the Administrative team determine the District’s short-term/mid-term/long-term plans, along with the establishment of “triggers”, to discuss at the next meeting





Melissa Tope moved and Craig Eiden seconded to adjourn this meeting until the next Finance Committee meeting to be held in September.  The date to be determined.


** Vote:  Ayes – Jennifer Caryer, Craig Eiden, Michal Mazur, John McCalla, Denny Vetter, and Chad Yoder

Motion carried 6-0.